Our law firm has been operating in Prague and Mělník since 2004. In Mělník you can find us in Jirásková street, in close neighbourhood to the District Court and in Prague at the corner of Bulharská and Na Míčánkách streets, next to the Judicial Compound.

We provide legal services in all main legal sectors of Czech law and focus on commercial, civil and constitutional law and human rights. We represent entrepreneurs, business corporations, housing associations, municipalities and citizens.


Czech Attorney

Graduate from the Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Law (JUDr. - constitutional law, Ph.D. - legal philosophy, sociology and history) and Faculty of Philosophy (Mgr.) and from the Czech Technical University of Prague, Faculty of Electrical Engineering (Bc.).
Czech attorney since 2004, focusing in particular on commercial law civil law and consitutional law. 

Languages: English, German (level C1 - DaF Prüfung)


Constitutional Law

Consultancy in judicature of Constitutional Court and European Court for Human Rights (ECHR). Complaints to Constitutional Court and ECHR, representation in proceedings before the Constitutional Court and ECHR…zastupování před Ústavním soudem a ESLP…

Commercial Law

Business contracts, commercial lawsuits, financial claims, company law, consultancy and representation in Intellectual property law, bankruptcy law …

Civil Law

Obligations, civil lawsuits, financial claims and executions, compensation for property or non-property harm…

Property Law

Real estate’s contracts, rental contracts, financial custodies, legal service for Real Estate Agencies and housing associations…

Labour Law

Employment contracts, labour disputes, consultancy in labour law for employers and for employees …

Administrative Law

Representation In administrative procedure, consultancy in Planning and Construction law, Environmental law, representing in Building procedure before the Building Authority…


Jiří Kozák

Právo na pomezí diktatury a demokracie

Auditorium 2014
ISBN: 978-80-87284-50-6 / 168 stran

Jiří Kozák

Složitost a nahodilost práva

Stálá konference Českého práva 2022
ISBN: 978-80-906813-8-5 / 184 stran


Our clients


Prague Office

Address: Bulharská 974/44
                 110 00 Prague 10 Vršovice
Phone: +420 728 378 382
Data Box ID: bspg6si
Email: info@akkozak.cz

Mělník Office

Address: Jiráskova 236/10
                 276 01 Mělník
Phone: +420 315 602 690
Data Box ID: bspg6si
Email: info@akkozak.cz